This was an altitude test and attempt to get reasonable landscape images with the Pentax Q7 and 02 Zoom on the DJI Phantom.
The location is a bike path along the San Gabriel River (the dry, brown, strip) at the foot of the San Gabriel mountains, between Duarte and Azusa
in Souther California. I'm pleased with the results. I also found out what happens when the battery runs out of juice. Based on the data from
the GPS unit strapped to the Phantom, it appears it hit a maximum altitude of ~260 feet above where it took off. The flight was less than 3 minutes.
After I took it up initially, and spun it around to take a 360 degree view of the area, I tried to take it up higher, when it suddenly started
to descend. It came down at a more rapid pace than I would have liked, and I had to guide it away from landing on my car, but it did land safely.
I also found out you can get more than 600 shots off of one battery charge on the Q7. Below are some of the images captured.

_imp0551_small.jpg _imp0556_small.jpg _imp0557_small.jpg _imp0558_small.jpg _imp0559_small.jpg _imp0560_small.jpg
_imp0561_small.jpg _imp0563_small.jpg _imp0565_small.jpg _imp0567_small.jpg _imp0570_small.jpg _imp0572_small.jpg
_imp0574_small.jpg _imp0576_small.jpg _imp0578_small.jpg _imp0580_small.jpg _imp0582_small.jpg _imp0588_small.jpg
_imp0594_small.jpg _imp0596_small.jpg _imp0598_small.jpg _imp0600_small.jpg _imp0602_small.jpg _imp0606_small.jpg

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