Here are a few photos from a flight test in the Jardin de Roca Park in the city of Irwindale, in California using the DJI Phantom mounted Pentax Q7 with 02 Zoom.
The flight test was necessary because I inadvertently used the Phantom to trim the orange tree in my back yard (sorry, no shots of that).
The morning was pretty foggy, so some of the photos aren't too sharp in the distance. On top of that, I forgot to set the shutter speed properly,
so some images were over exposed and others are blurry from flight movement. The skatepark section of the park turned out pretty well.
Maximum altitude was about 100'.

_imp0245_small.jpg _imp0246_small.jpg _imp0279_small.jpg
_imp0320_small.jpg _imp0322_small.jpg _imp0323_small.jpg
_imp0327_small.jpg _imp0354_small.jpg _imp0355_small.jpg

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