Aerial shots from Moab, Utah, on December 6, 2013.
Taken with a Pentax Q7 and 02 Standard Zoom, at 5mm, mounted on a DJI Phantom.
These were taken in the back yard of a house we rented just outside Moab.
It was about 20F outside at the time.

_imp0775_small.jpg _imp0778_small.jpg _imp0787_small.jpg _imp0832_small.jpg
_imp0833_small.jpg _imp0834_small.jpg _imp0837_small.jpg _imp0838_small.jpg
_imp0839_small.jpg _imp0840_small.jpg _imp0841_small.jpg _imp0843_small.jpg
_imp0844_small.jpg _imp0845_small.jpg _imp0846_small.jpg _imp0847_small.jpg
_imp0848_small.jpg _imp0849_small.jpg _imp0850_small.jpg _imp0851_small.jpg

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