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Red, White And Blue Hills Of The Tonto

by Mike Herdering

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This is a twist on my previous monochrome theme. I call it multichrome, or perhaps, duochrome, given there are two primary colors beyond black and white. Regardless, I think it looks cool. It's for all those patriots out there looking for a red, white and blue view of the American Southwest. It's a view from Fountain Hills, Arizona, of the hills of the Tonto National Forest, looking past the Beeline Highway, and over the Verde River. Just in time for Independence Day, or 4th Of July, if you prefer.

images/arizona/_k5_6706_12_g_small.jpg images/arizona/_k5_6706_12_b_small.jpg images/arizona/_k5_6706-12_rwb_small.jpg
Verdant Hills Of
The Tonto
Sky Blue Hills Of
The Tonto
Red, White And
Blue Hills Of
The Tonto


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